Most people have never seen a bat up close. Couple that with misinformation and misconception, and quite honestly, bats don’t stand a chance. Bats are beautiful, endearing creatures.  They are miniature versions of the large charismatic mammals we love and value. Bats posses all the features of our bewitching megafauna (they grow and reproduce more slowly and live relatively long lives). Bats need our help, now more than ever, and the fight against white-nose syndrome is time-sensitive. We have already lost so many; help us alter the course of this devastating disease and with it, the fate of millions of bats.

Fun Facts
Myths and Misconceptions
Smallis the new big

Lions and tigers and bears … and bats… oh my!

Did you know bats exhibit life history characteristics typical of large mammals?

Bats are simply small versions of our planet’s bewitching megafauna – they are nature’s charismatic microfauna!

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