Welcome to fightwns’ Bativity Center, an incredibly entertaining way of learning about these wonderful mammals and testing your bat prowess. Now download and enjoy :)

Kid's Activities
Logic Puzzles

Logic puzzles are our favorite :)
Use the given clues and deductive logic to solve these “batty” puzzles. The grid helps organize your deductions – we suggest using an “x” for “no” and an “o” for “yes.”


Traditional sudoku, but better batter :)

Word Searches

Six puzzles on one page? Awesome.
Okay, here’s how they work; each cryptopuzzle consists of a list of 9 related, but coded words. Each puzzle has its own code. Once you’ve identified a word, use the known letters to help decode the remaining words. Simple.


Get it? It’s like a crossword and a word search had a child. Yeah, I’m pretty sure I invented this one. And it’s a toughie – I gave you absolutely no help at all. Answer the clues and start your hopeless pursuit of searching for what may be the completely wrong word.


No, not those crazy Sunday edition crosswords but the criss crossy ones that just randomly end wherever. Yeah, the easier ones. Exactly.

Puzzle I | ‘Facebookcentric’
Puzzle II | ‘Gee Whiz’ ((Hint: All the answers can be found on our Facebook page)
Okay, this one’s a little crazy. We challenge all you bat whizzes to finish this one. Actually, the real challenge is not to Google anything. Seriously. Don’t do it.
Puzzle III | ‘A Bat by any Other Name’ Uncommon name clues. Common name answers.

Magic Square

Scrambled words. Hidden messages. What’s not to love!

Puzzle I | ‘Magic Square’