Welcome to fightwns’ Bativity Center, an incredibly entertaining way of learning about these wonderful mammals and testing your bat prowess. Now download and enjoy :)

Kid's Activities
Logic Puzzles

Logic puzzles are our favorite :)
Use the given clues and deductive logic to solve these “batty” puzzles. The grid helps organize your deductions – we suggest using an “x” for “no” and an “o” for “yes.”

Puzzle I | ‘Facebookcentric’
Puzzle II | ‘Gee Whiz’ ((Hint: All the answers can be found on our Facebook page)
Okay, this one’s a little crazy. We challenge all you bat whizzes to finish this one. Actually, the real challenge is not to Google anything. Seriously. Don’t do it.
Puzzle III | ‘A Bat by any Other Name’ Uncommon name clues. Common name answers.


Are you sure you wanna do this? You open one of these, there’s no turning back. I mean, you can’t unsee the answers.

Word Search | ‘All About Bats’
Word Search | ‘Keystone Chiroptera’
Word Search | ‘What’s in a Name’ I
Word Search | ‘What’s in a Name’ II
Word Search | ‘Worldwide Bats’

Cryptoquiz | ‘Roosts, Anatomy, and Hearing, Oh My’

Spot the Difference | ‘Corynorhinus Conundrum’

CrossWordSearch | ‘Bats, Bats, Bats’

Logic Puzzles | ‘Answers’