PIAA Partners

Mona Doss
Nicole Wright | Wildlife Acoustics
Amy Russell | Grand Valley State University
Meg Lunnum | Happy Valley Bats
Crystal Sharlow-Schaefer | Wildlife Rehabilitation Center at the Wisconsin Humane Society
Angela Speed | Wisconsin Humane Society
Benjamin R. Stading | University of Wisconsin, Madison School of Veterinary Medicine
Katrina Morris
Cory Holliday | The Nature Conservancy
Jessica Murphy | Las Palomas Heirloom Farms
Jennifer Foote | National Speleological Society
Kristin Fletcher | Wildlife Rehabilitators Association of Rhode Island
Lawrence Abeita | Bureau of Indian Affairs
Leslie Sturges | The Save Lucy Campaign
Amanda Lollar | Bat World Sanctuary
Chuck Hayes
Deborah Halldow
Gina Hendrixson
Kaatje Adams
Mikal Deese | On a Wing and a Prayer
Karry Kazial
Marianne Gagnon
Robin L. Hayes | Bat Conservation of Michigan
Gabriela Rios-Sotelo
Dianne Odegard | Austin Bat Refuge
Anne Walsh | Bat Conservation Ireland