Become part of fightwns’ campaign to safeguard our imperiled North American bat species. The battle against white-nose syndrome remains time sensitive; every winter signifies the death of millions of bats. Therefore, our partnerships are essential to raising funds quickly. The quicker we raise money, the quicker we make a difference.

All contributions benefit research and conservation efforts that directly relate to white-nose syndrome and North American bats. We strive to maximize every financial contribution. We, therefore, do not provide gifts or benefits; they simply decrease the funds available for critical research and conservation programs.

Our Tier I giving levels are;

Philanthropist | $50,000 +
Luminary | $25,000-49,999
Visionary | $10,000-24,999

Our Tier II giving levels are;

Benefactor | $5000-9999
Advocate | $2500-4999
Patron | $1000-2499
Conservationist | $500-999

We profoundly appreciate the compassion and commitment of those friends and supporters who distinguish themselves by joining the Hope Alliance.

We honor each of our Tier II donors by prominently displaying their name on fightwns’ ‘Donors‘ page.

For those chiroptophilics who contribute at the Tier I giving levels, they will receive recognition of their extraordinary generosity on fightwns’ ‘Preeminent Donors’ page. Fightwns will highlight these altruistic donors by providing a biography on the individual or their company.

Philanthropic level donors distinguish themselves as passionate bat conservationists. Through their remarkable devotion and benevolence, philanthropic level donors position themselves as instrumental components to transforming the course of white-nose syndrome, and with it, the fate of millions of bats. These contributors provide the core funding necessary to support research programs. Their dedication earns them special name recognition on individual research projects. Commensurate to financial contribution and project cost, ‘philanthropic level’ donors will receive recognition as full or partial sponsors of research projects. Additionally, these donors will receive acknowledgement within scientific publications, reports, and project presentations.

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